Make your own Chicken Feed

Poultry feeds, often called rations, come in many forms. Most commercially available feeds are highly processed, pelleted and made exclusively with soy bean as the protein supplement. Soy bean as a sole protein source is not ideal for laying hens or other poultry, indeed for any omnivore, as it lacks key enzymes necessary for metabolism and as such is an incomplete protein.

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Make your own chicken feed is the first on our online short courses to show you how to make a complete and nutritionally superior ration for your laying hens throughout their lifespan.

The layer rations (a layer mash) we have designed is based on formulae used by farmers well before the advent of highly processed pelleted feed and the prevalence of soy meal in the stock feed industry. It uses meat meal, which is a complete protein,  and delivers the correct percentage of protein (and that of other essential nutrients) to ensure that you have healthy hens laying the best tasting, most nutritious egg in town.

We have developed a separate ration formulation for water fowl, and for turkeys. These types of poultry have very different nutritional requirements.

Make your own water fowl ration is especially designed for ducks and geese (and swans). this ration is used by the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra to feed their water fowl. The Zoo has a large collection of poultry and waterfowl from all over the world including some rare Australian species.

Make your own turkey rations is perfect for raising turkey from poults to adult, taking care of the very different nutritional needs of these birds.  The course also offers tips and information about helping avoid (and treat) common turkey health problems.

Our formulea uses commonly available whole and ground grains and other ingredients that are easily sourced from feed/produce stores.

You can purchase our ration, or more excitingly, you can learn to make your own quickly and easily via our short online courses.  Making your own poultry ration (Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Turkey) will save a little money and require a bit effort but ultimately, it will ensure you have healthy poultry who give you the best eggs and meat in town.

All short poultry feed courses cover the following:

  • describe the nutritional requirements of the species of poultry over the lifespan with a focus on protein needs.
  • describing and evaluating the key ingredient choices for poultry feed according to protein content.
  • explaining and providing a visual demonstration of the use of two key formulea for making the poultry ration as a wet mash (video demonstrations).
  • making and serving the mash (mixing to the correct consistency,  and determining the quantity needed per bird).
  • storing and managing ingredients to protect from pests and maintain freshness.

These short courses are fully facilitated by Wynlen House Urban Micro Farm staff who have been managing and feeding poultry for over 16 years.  Helen M Lynch, BA, DipEdStud, MEdAdmin, PostGOEd, Cert IV TEA,  is an educator and online learning designer of over 20 years experience in the TAFE and University sectors. Bronwyn Richards, principal gardener and manager of Wynlen House, has worked as a veterinary  nurse and been an urban farmer of poultry and vegetables for over 20 years. Bronwyn has managed Wynlen House Urban Micro Farm a successful market garden and poultry production farm for 12 years in Braidwood NSW.

Enrollment lasts for 6 weeks and during that time you can use the class forums to ask questions and discuss ideas with your facilitator and fellow participants.


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