Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre offers on-farm and on-line workshops. You learn to grow with us and produce the best of fresh, seasonal vegetables, eggs,  meat and garlic for yourself and your family, or for profit. We believe that growing food for yourself and your family is the greatest pleasure and a healthy way to relax and enjoy the natural world.

You don’t need acres of land to grow your own fresh produce or raise poultry. A suburban back yard,  a large kitchen garden or a couple of acres can be developed into a productive produce garden with can incorporate poultry. Our garden practices and techniques are organic (no nasty chemicals), scaleable, and focus on cooler and cold climate Australia. We show you how to grow produce all year around even in climates that have large numbers of frost days. We also show you have to raise, feed and manage domesticated farm animals, that are an important element of backyard growing, homesteading and small scale mixed farming.

Visit our Learning Centre now on our comprehensive Weebly powered website and see for yourself the range of learning opportunities we offer to help you satisfy your passion for producing high quality organic food for yourself, your family or for market.

Start turning your backyard or acreage into a productive growing space for yourself and the family.

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