Grow Garlic

Growing your own garlic is an absolute pleasure. You pick it fresh and taste the crisp yet juicy, succulent softer flavoured cloves lightly crushed and spread over hot buttered toast. A few weeks later you wonder at the more mature, deeper flavour as the bulbs dry and cure a little, and garlic bread is something you just can’t do without.

Does this sound familiar? It does because you love your garlic as much as we do.

Learn to grow your own at our on-farm workshop or through our two online, “enrol any time” workshops. One short online course for the backyard grower and the longer online course is for the micro or small commercial grower. The on farm workshop is on Feb 10, Sunday, 9.30am – 3.30pm in Braidwood, NSW.

Learn all about our on-farm and online garlic growing workshops

Every online and on-farm workshop covers:

  • The different garlic groups – yes all garlic is not the same
  • The anatomy of garlic – understanding the garlic plant and how it grows
  • What garlic to plant and when to plant it
  • How much to plant
  • Purchasing seed stock
  • Preparing the soil
  • Planting and managing your crop
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Harvesting
  • Drying and Curing

The online workshops are fully facilitated which means you can ask questions, make comment and have discussions with your facilitator and fellow participants through the discussion forums. Online courses are taught on CANVAS, an online learning environment that brings you features to make your learning more engaging. The courses use video demonstrations, text, images and audio to deliver comprehensive content to a high standard.

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